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La Bella Location Weddings

La Bella Location Weddings

After flying solo for 6 years, salon owner Melissa has expanded her empire and the team are absolutely loving being a part of one of our biggest services, on site weddings.

Why do we love it?

We LOVE perfect hair and makeup

We LOVE waking up at 4am, packing our things and hitting the road! {we aren’t actually kidding}

We LOVE seeing our wedding parties enjoying themselves, drinking wine, painting their nails, singing to our fav classic love songs

We LOVE the fact that WE were chosen to be there on such a special day

Our team have recently been visiting the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and all areas of Brisbane to efficiently prepare wedding parties from 2-8 people for one of the biggest days of their lives. We generally arrive early and sit in the car park in the dark waiting because we would rather be early than late. We generally carry coffee in one hand, 1000 bags in the other, filled with all the magically goodies that make us women drool (makeup, not chocolate).


We come bearing smiles, energy and passion that you won’t forget when you look back on your photos in 10 years time.

We look forward to expanding our wedding services in 2019 so don’t be afraid to send us a quick email , or long, enquiring further.


And don’t forget we provide all of your hair extension needs with our sister business working along side us www.jaynehairextensionco.com 

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