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Everything you need to know about the LA WEAVE human hair extension application- video tutorial included.

LA WEAVE Hair Extension application Brisbane Hair Extensions

Why choose the LA WEAVE?

Who can wear the LA WEAVE

What is the maintenance time frame?

Will it damage my natural hair?

I have thin hair; can I wear this method of hair extensions?

How long will the hair last?

Where can I get this done?

100% Human Hair Extensions Wholesale

Ok so, here are the questions we are here to answer! Thankfully also, we have a detailed video with voiceover for you to watch that will make things a little easier to understand.

The LA WEAVE is a style of hair extensions using micro beads, hair wefts and a thread and needle to apply. It is one of the least damaging forms of hair extensions you can have applied. Why? Because it doesn’t use sticky guess or adhesives, and is also supported by many hairs not just one tiny hair being pulled on constantly for 6 weeks at a time .

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Which being said, means you have to have them removed and re applied every 6 weeks to ensure they do not matter or slip. No matter WHAT hair extensions you wear, you MUST be gentle and continue your maintenance resume like it’s the last thing you are ever going to do!

This style of hair extensions is best suited to medium to thick textured hair, this being so that your it does not show through fine hair and it also doesn’t slip on super fine hair. It CAN be applied to fine hair but we suggest NOT doubling over the rows and only applying what is necessary, which may not be a full head .

We choose this method over the braiding and sewing method simply for the fact it doesn’t pull as tight on the hair, cis not as damaging as the braid can be with so much tension on the hair, AND it is quicker and easier.

100% Human wholesale hair extensions online

The hair, If you choose to use www.jaynehairextensionco.com Russian Wefts, will last you 12 months at least before replacing (if taken care of correctly) with 6 week maintenance intervals.

 You can get this method applied in selected hair salons around Australia, although it isn’t broadly taught or learnt. Brisbane hair salon La Bella Vita Makeup and Hair in Nundah not only apply this method with confidence, but also supply training and knowledge to other salons around Australia with their training program.

For more information on the LA WEAVE, or to book a training day in your salon, Email us at



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