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5 Things you NEED to consider and research before committing to going BLONDER


So you have spent weeks on Pinterest , Google and Instagram , Pinning your #HAIRINSPO photos to your account… Balayage ? you wonder…Full head of foils?.. you wonder.

Now it’s time to put your goals into action and the search begins. Google? You ask. Instagram? You ask. That girl from work who’s hair always look FABULOUS? You ask. Well here are the things you need to consider personally before booking your appointment at the hairdressers for that MASSIVE change.

1. Inspo photos

Have you chosen photos of someone that you just like the look of? Are their photos extremely photo-shopped or filtered? Your hairdresser needs you to have a realistic approach with your hair and where they can take you on visit number 1. Minimise it down to 2-3 photos of the hair that you would love and talk to them about which one is going to be more promising for you given your home styling regime, hair washing regime, and salon return regime.


What products do the salons use? You may think colour is colour and bleach is bleach but its really not that simple. Colour ranges for professionals come in grading just like some of your grocery brands. Ask what the colour range is and get them to explain the special ingredients that make it stand out from the ‘home brand’ ranges that cheaper salons may stock. It will not only make a difference to your initial colour, but the colour in weeks to come , the health of your hair , and how it fades. No point in paying $500 for a colour that is going to fade out in a week because it has low pigment quality, but there IS a reason you would if the products are amazing.

3. Costs

Understand the costs involved before jumping into the $100 range OR the $1000 range. Get quotes broken down to you to explain time frames, products used, application methods and what extras they are giving you at either no cost or an extra cost. Time is money people and products cost a lot if your stylist is offering the best of the best. If it doesn’t add up that it is only going to take an hour for your hair and you have never heard of those products before, you MAY want to keep shopping around .

4. Home Care

No we are not trying to get extra $ off you when we insist you put down the grocer ‘natural’ $10 range and pick up the salon treatment. Would you wash your face with a bar of soap? Well why wash your hair with it. Salon products are designed to work along side our colours and promote colour lasting , healthy luscious hair WITHOUT the harsh silicones and soaps. It is vital you use the correct products with blonde hair or it goes without saying , it is going to become dry and damaged. If you can want the blonde, you MUST budget in your products. That model didn’t get on the front cover of ‘best hair 2018’ using woollies shampoo.

5.R e-Book

It goes without saying that blonde hair gets re-growth , pretty obviously. Understand that you will need to get a touch up every 6-8 weeks. Is this in your budget? It may not need to be the entire look again , but simply a toner or a few foils. Ask you stylist what the upkeep will be and get a quote on that also when shopping around for the right hairdresser . It isn’t your stylists fault your hair has grown out. She didn’t do a bad job , you just need to follow all the simple steps and it will be amazing 360 days a year.
Good Luck Ladies!

Remember your 5 steps and research up to 10 local hairdressers to compare!

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Written by Mel

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